Sherco Offroad Motorcycles

Every motorcycle we manufacture is crafted with respect for the rider and the extreme terrain we ride upon. Sherco Offroad Motorcycles are built by riders, for riders – without compromise.

Sherco Offroad Motorcycles are famous for being the best built, handling and performing off-road motorcycles on the market. Characteristics are defined through attention to detail  making Sherco the best in the industry.  In addition to the smooth, linear power delivery of all Sherco engines, every Sherco motorcycle features an ignition map switch. So with a flick of your thumb, you can hot-select between the “Hard” and “Soft” modes which reduce power by five horsepower on the 250/300 four strokes and seven on the 250/300 two-strokes and 450 four strokes. So this gives you exactly the right amount of power for perfect traction in all riding conditions.

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