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Farm & Ranch Health Insurance Program

Welcome to the Farm & Ranch Health Insurance Program for Employers

The FMA Freedom Select Plans maximize savings and provide cutting-edge solutions to help you effectively manage your health care costs.  FMA was created with over 100 years of experience in health care at the Senior Executive Level.  We are committed to creating value for our broad client base of both fully insured, major medical, and self-funded clients.

Therefore, the SB/A health program remains focused on exceeding the highest ethical standards and upholding the utmost integrity for our clients. As a result, we redefine the way our clients look at the world of health care benefits.  We have over 20,000 members and work with all major leasable PPO networks.  Most noteworthy, access to Referenced Based Pricing.

For more information, contact Lew Emanuelson at (303) 808-1854 or

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